If you’ve visited or driven past our building over the past few years, you’ll have noticed that the roof is looking a little worse for wear.

Our Scout Centre has been in Lawn Lane for several decades – over those years, thousands of young people have passed through our doors, benefitting from the fact we are lucky enough to have our own building. Recently, the roof has begun to leak and need numerous repairs and so the time has come to replace it.

The structure of our building makes the replacement of the roof a little trickier than we’d like, and this of course means that the cost is significantly higher than we would have hoped for. We got some quotes back in 2019 and started a fundraising campaign to raise the funds needed to replace it. In recent months, the pandemic, Brexit and soaring material costs have increased the cost of this project yet further.

Our fundraising is going well, but we’re not done yet! If you’re able to contribute to the fund, we’d really appreciate any donations you can make.